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Choosing Paulson Monuments

Our Precision Graphic Carving is a superior new method in carving granite. Today we can sandblast and carve designs with artistic detail and accuracy, capturing memories and creating distinctive images. Traditional memorial artwork has turned from simple, to simply beautiful! See how we can help you!

Creating A Memorial

Past Projects

Color: Gold Star Black

Tablet/Marker Size: 1'6x0'4x1'6 custom polish 2 heart upright

Monument Type: Upright

Base Size: 2'0x0'10x0'4

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Color: Mesabi Black

Tablet/Marker Size: 3'0x0'6x1'8

Monument Type: Upright

Base Size: 4'0x1'0x0'6

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Color: Pacific Coral

Monument Type: Bench

Seat: 4'0x1'2x0'4

Support: 1'0x0'4x1'2 each

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